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This Doula’s Favorite Birth & Pregnancy Podcasts

So, I’m not going to lie – until recently, I have never been a big podcast listener. Perhaps it’s because I live in a busy household with small children where there is never a moment without someone talking… but I typically prefer to hear some music when I get the chance to utilize my earbuds.

Lately, however, I’ve become a bit of a podcast addict – homeschooling podcasts, backpacking podcasts, educational podcasts for the kids and, of course, podcasts on all things pregnancy, birth & baby.

When clients are seeking some podcasts to listen to in pregnancy, these are my go-to recommendations:

Birth Kweens Podcast – the hosts of this show are Karly Nuttall, a midwife, and Ali Feroah, a doula, who share real, factual information about topics related to pregnancy and birth in fun, lighthearted conversations. Listening leaves you feeling a bit like you just had coffee with your best friend. You’ll laugh, guaranteed. And you’ll gain a great deal of useful information.

Birth Stories in Color – Hosts Laurel Gourrier and Danielle Jackson have created a beautiful space for people of color to share their birth stories and have their experiences heard. The stories shared here are real, raw and beautiful, providing honest insight into the transformational power of birth and parenthood. Hearing the stories of others through their own words is an extremely powerful way to prepare for birth and the journey of parenthood while gaining awareness of the wide variety of experiences had by families.

Evidence Based Birth® Podcast – hosted by Rebecca Dekker, the founder of Evidence Based Birth®, this podcast is dedicated to providing accurate, evidence-based information to families. It covers the research evidence on some hot topics surrounding pregnancy & birth as well as interviews with parents and birth professionals from different fields. If you are looking for tools to help you make confident, empowered decisions in birth, this podcast is the place for it.

The Birth Hour – This podcast showcases birth stories as well as parents’ real experiences of pregnancy and postpartum. With the goal of empowering expecting parents with information, these stories offer a glimpse into a wide variety of birth and parenting experiences.

What are your very favorite podcasts? What are you listening to? I’d love to know so I can add them to my playlist!

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