Welcome, expecting mothers and families!

The journey of pregnancy, birth, and the weeks following is one of powerful transformation. It is my passion to provide families with support – both emotional and physical – along with the information & tools needed to make confident, empowered decisions each step of the way. Working as a doula since 2015, my focus has been serving families compassionately and without judgement as they navigate their own unique paths through pregnancy, birth
and the newborn days.

It is my goal to ensure that you are well prepared to enter
confidently into childbirth & the journey of parenthood.

Doula services & childbirth classes are currently available with in-person and virtual options.

Doula support makes a great gift… Gift cards are now available!

Bridget said on 2/24/2023:

“We had such a wonderful experience with Sandra as our birth doula. My husband and I credit her hard work as the reason we were able to have such a smooth induction process and ultimately un-medicated delivery. She provided a calm, steadfast presence in our delivery room and provided the hands-on interventions and tools needed for managing contractions. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a birth doula!”


Marlena said on 8/2/2015:

“My husband and I never considered using a doula until we took a birthing class.  The class opened our eyes to how beneficial a doula would be for the birth of our first child.  We decided to start looking to hire a doula immediately since we were pressed on time and our baby was due in a few weeks.   We reached out to Sandra and she promptly responded to us.  After we met with a few other doulas, we knew that Sandra was the right choice for us.

From our first meet, Sandra was not only extremely professional and knowledgable, but also very warm and tender.   She was available for me at all times leading up to our labor and delivery and was so informative, allowing us to make the best choices for the birth we wanted.  When I did go into labor, she provided excellent support for myself and my husband.  Through my labor, which lasted over 24 hours, Sandra was right by my side the entire time.   She kept me focused and comfortable.  Sandra brought with her to the hospital a variety of things that helped me through labor, even cooled wash cloths for my forehead!  Even though we had a few unexpected turns during the course of my labor, she worked with us when we needed a change of plan, supporting us and our decisions through the entire process.

Sandra truly helped make our birth a wonderful experience.   We are so thankful to have found her.   I highly recommend her!!”