Doula Mentorship

Looking to set yourself up for success as a doula?

One-on-one doula mentorship is now available!

One-on-One Doula Mentorship Calls

Sandra Crawford
DONA Certified Doula
Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

In the early days of my doula journey, I had so many questions. I didn’t quite know where to begin – how to set up a business, how to manage life on-call, how to begin taking my first clients, how to stay organized and continue to grow as a professional. If you find yourself asking these same questions as a doula, I’d love to help!

A one-on-one mentorship call can provide you with:

  • Support in starting up & organizing your doula business
  • Tips on managing your time & navigating life on-call
  • Guidance on maintaining professional client relationships
  • Ideas for setting boundaries for yourself as a doula to prevent burnout
  • Discussion on growing your professional network
  • Help answering any other questions you may have about working as a professional doula

I would love to help you set yourself up for success as a doula…
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