Full Birth Doula Services

Support Throughout Pregnancy, Labor & Postpartum

Prenatal Support

  • All services begin with a complimentary consultation.  This gives us a chance to meet up, get to know one another a bit, and discuss your vision for your upcoming birth. This initial meeting can take place in the comfort of your own home or at your favorite coffee shop or other location in the Charlottesville or Culpeper area.
  • Three prenatal meetings in which we will focus on exploring your birth preferences & discussing your options regarding your pregnancy, birth and postpartum time, hands-on practice of comfort measures for labor, and planning for your postpartum time. I will refer you to books, articles and resources that will assist you in finding the information you need to confidently make decisions.
  • All clients have the option to enroll in upcoming Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class sessions at a discounted rate.
  • Unlimited phone and email support throughout your pregnancy.
  • Prenatal visits are available virtually or in person to accommodate your needs & preferences.

Labor & Birth Support

  • On call for labor support two weeks prior to your estimated due date until the birth of your baby.
  • Continuous emotional, physical, and informational support for you and your partner throughout your labor.  Assisting with comfort measures, breathing, positioning, massage, and other relaxation techniques. Depending on your preferences & current policies in place at your birthing facility, this support can be provided in-person or virtually via video/text/phone. If I am unable to accompany you at your birthing facility, my hands-on support is still available while you labor at home leading up to your departure for your birthing place.
  • Present for at least 1-2 hours after your birth, if permitted at your birthing location, to help establish bonding with your newest family member and ensure a successful start to breastfeeding. Continued virtual support if in-person support is not available.

Postpartum Support

  • Two postpartum visits where we can discuss your birth and any questions or issues you may be having. These visits offer us a chance to make sure your transition to home with your baby is going as smoothly as possible and allow me to provide you and your family with referrals to other resources in the community that may be helpful for you in the early weeks with your little one.
  • I’m also available by phone and email for the first six weeks after your birth should any questions or issues arise in that time.
  • Postpartum visits are available virtually or in person to accommodate your needs & preferences.

Additional Visits

  • I would love to set up an additional meeting if needed to help you draft your birth plan or to help you and your partner practice different comfort measures and relaxation techniques.  It is my goal to help you be as prepared as possible so that you can enter into your birth with confidence.

Package Options:

*Sliding Scale Payment Options Available

  • Full Birth Doula Services: $1200
  • Full Birth Doula Services + Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class: $1425
  • Additional prenatal & postpartum visits are available: $40 per one-hour visit

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Doula services & childbirth classes are currently available with in-person and virtual options.

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*I feel passionately that every family should have the support they desire, and I’m more than happy to work with you and help you afford a doula.*