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Benefits of Virtual Doula Support

Over the course of the last year, the entire world has found itself pivoting and adapting to a place where nearly anything imaginable is available in virtual form. This is true for doulas and the support we offer as well. Many of us worked through a bit of a bumpy transition time as we navigated… Continue reading Benefits of Virtual Doula Support

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3 Reasons to Take an Independent Childbirth Class

Is a Childbirth Class Really Necessary? In short, the answer is no. Childbirth education is not a necessary component in the birthing process. But a childbirth class will help you and your partner or labor support better understand the birthing process. A comprehensive childbirth class will also provide you with information about the options you… Continue reading 3 Reasons to Take an Independent Childbirth Class

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This Doula’s Favorite Birth & Pregnancy Podcasts

So, I'm not going to lie - until recently, I have never been a big podcast listener. Perhaps it's because I live in a busy household with small children where there is never a moment without someone talking... but I typically prefer to hear some music when I get the chance to utilize my earbuds.… Continue reading This Doula’s Favorite Birth & Pregnancy Podcasts

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A Doula’s Top 10 Pregnancy Reads

Preparing for birth and life with a newborn can be overwhelming. So many pregnancy books and so little time (just nine months!). Take a deep breath, your doula is here to help! As it turns out, reading ALL the pregnancy and childbirth books is something I love to do. Here's a short list of books… Continue reading A Doula’s Top 10 Pregnancy Reads