Doula, Parenting

They Say It Takes a Village


As a doula, I have the joy of working with many families and parents in my community, which is one of the very best parts of my job. I get to be there for families as they plan for their pregnancy and birth, I have the honor of supporting women in labor, and I often get the opportunity to help ease the transition into parenthood by working with families postpartum. Becoming a new parent, or becoming a parent again, is a time of huge change in a person’s life, and all of this change merits a great deal of support from various different sources. While doing the work that I do with families, I often find myself saying “It takes a village”, because so many aspects of our lives truly require a community of supportive members – and this is certainly true in raising children, beginning even in pregnancy.

Along with offering my own support to families and new parents, I help them find resources for any specialized support they may need.  In this way, I work with families to create their “village” – on which they can rely as they embark on their parenting journey. In supporting my clients, I am able to offer my own experience and knowledge of birth in order to make their road a bit easier to navigate. When I have a client who needs help with breastfeeding her newborn, I can lead her to a supportive lactation consultant. If I know an expecting mother looking to meet other pregnant women in her neighborhood, I can recommend parenting groups that meet her needs and interests. By referring clients to various community resources, I am helping them to expand their own networks of support.

All people need a “village”in all stages of life, but this seems to be especially in parenthood, starting with pregnancy.  Raising a little human is sure to bring up questions, and while it’s certainly worthwhile, it’s not always simple or easy. This is where having a multitude of people to call on with various backgrounds, experiences, and expertise comes in handy.  It truly does take a village. If you’re looking to expand your village or are finding yourself in need of a little extra support along your path to parenthood, please contact me – I’d love to hear from you!


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